An experimental decentralized art factory

The invasion has begun!

Feed the Art Gobblers your art and

help them cover the world in Goo

An experiment by
J. Roiland and Paradigm
Recently Glaminated
Find your place in the new order
Make Art. Sell Art.
Make art with our draw tool and share it with the world for free.
Glaminate it with a Blank Page to turn it into a rare and gobble-able digital collectible.
Start Drawing
Summon Gobblers
Use Goo to teleport new Art Gobblers down to Earth
Mint your Gobbler
Stack Goo
Gobblers produce Goo to collect.
The more Goo you hold, the faster it produces.
Goo Production Rate
Goo staked
Daily Rate
Gobble Art
Every Art Gobbler wants to gobble the coolest art they can find.
It is their greatest pleasure, and the ultimate mark of status.
When your Art Gobbler gobbles art glaminated onto an Art Gobblers page, that art is displayed in its belly gallery forever.
Legendary Gobblers
Sacrifice your Art Gobblers to summon a Legendary Gobbler!
Not for the faint of heart.
Build on top
Our contracts are open source and designed to be maximally composable. Build something amazing, and win the acclaim of the community!
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